Doing and Being – Planting and Allowing

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    Spring is a busy time for people- planting, finishing school papers and exams, playing outdoors. As the sun gets longer in the sky we find more energy to do many things. Do you equally find time to reflect on who you are being?

    The Ying-Yang symbol represents balance between female and male energy, receptivity and action, being and doing. Are you enjoying the Being-ness of your life as much as the Doing-ness?

    Lao Tzu, a Taoist philosopher, wrote of patience for things to emerge in the right time. While we Westerners are so busy making things happen, we often forget that we can sit and wait and watch as life unfolds. Spring time allows us to turn the earth for things to be planted and grow. Are you also allowing for things to emerge?

    I’ve learned over time that my life is more enriched when I allow things to emerge and unfold rather than try to force or grasp. Work and home, growing and resting are both halves that allow for a meaningful life.

    Resting, waiting, or simply being, may be a challenge for you. Our western culture teaches us to make, do, achieve. I had a fascinating discussion that brought to my awareness how American my thinking is. I was in India just after the start of this new millennium. I was both impressed and concerned by the zeal with which the Indian businesses and people were embracing our Western digital World Wide Web frenzy.

    I shared my concerns with an Indian businessman and said, not realizing my American cultural arrogance, “I worry that by you adopting our (U.S.) technology frenzy that you’ll lose what’s unique and wonderful about your own (Indian) culture.” He said in the most wonderfully, composed way, “Madam, the Turks ruled India for 300 years and we remained Indian. The British controlled India for 200 years and we remained Indian. The US may be dominant for another 100 years and we will still be Indian”. I loved it. When you have a 3,000 year perspective you know about patience, allowing, emerging.

    What are you tending to, planting in this time of spring? What are you allowing to emerge, unfold and sprout? How do you replenish your spiritual soil by doing and being?


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