Offering Your Gifts in Service

I usually start my workshops by asking people why they are interested in the topic of spirituality and work, and have them say what kind of work they do.  One woman said she was a bus driver as well as a Reiki Master.  When I asked her about that unusual combination she said it was a perfect fit for her.  She could drive around the town sending Reiki (healing energy) to people in her community and get paid to do it!  I loved this example  of someone understanding her gifts and purpose and finding ways to offer her gifts to others in service.

Here’s another examples of how someone shared her gifts and passion in service. I met a woman some years ago who had worked as a waitress at Cracker Barrel.  She told me the story of one night that was really busy and the wait staff was flying all over the floor trying to keep up.  Everyone was harassed and orders were arriving late.  It was turning into a miserable night.  She noticed how stressed out everyone was feeling and how chaotic it was getting and decided to do something about it.  After taking a few deep breaths, she started saying to herself “I’m a Light, I’m a Light, I’m a Light”.  She said that to herself several dozen times to help bring herself back to a place of balance and composure.

After she started feeling more grounded and peaceful she then focused her energy on her co-workers and the customers.  She again repeated “I’m a Light” only this time she envisioned that she was sending that Light out to everyone in the room.  Her night went so much smoother after that.  As some point, still in the middle of the busy rush, one of her customers commented how peaceful she looked and that she seemed to have a sort of glow around her.  He asked what she was doing.  They struck up a short conversation about related topics and she realized the man understood what she was doing.

After things died down, she went back to talk to him.  He asked her why she was working as a waitress.  He challenged her to use her gifts in some other way to do other kinds of healing work.  From that conversation she started thinking about how she could come to work every day and work from that place of peace and balance.  She eventually got trained in energy healing work and moved to the town next to mine to start her business.  You never know what you will discover when you stay true to your gifts, purpose and passion.

Please share a story from your life when you’ve stayed in touch with your purpose and was able to offer your gifts for others.  Was there a transformative moment when you realized you could use your gifts to serve a larger purpose or were truly living your life purpose in your work?

When we use our gifts in alignment with our passion and purpose, that offering is done as spiritual service.


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