Top 10 Social Enterprise Sound Bites

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    From dozens of suggestions in the npEnterprise Forum, our social enterprise social media site, here is our:


    Social enterprises are businesses that:

    1. Use the marketplace to solve pressing social problems.
    2. Have a primary purpose to do social good.
    3. Serve the common good, making money while solving social problems.
    4. Are values-led and committed to the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit.
    5. Use the power of business for positive social change.
    6. Believe the bottom line and social change can be hardwired together.
    7. Develop and sell products or services that address social or environmental issues.
    8. Are values-centered, transparent, and in business for the benefit of all stakeholders.
    9. Are dedicated to making a sustained, positive impact on social and environmental change.
    10. Believe what is good for the world is good for business.

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