2 responses to “New! Sales Strategy for Rhode Island Social Enterprises”

  1. Social enterprises can thrive only when demand driven. This is a great idea to not only help the social enterprises survive and thrive but to help consumers become aware of the goods and services sold by social enterprises. I’d like to see such a directory in Alaska.

  2. I think this is a great idea. I’ve been trying to do something similar but to drive volunteers and donors to about 150 non school volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs in Chicago.

    I’ve been building a directory of these programs since 1993 and have put it on-line in a map-based searchable directory which you can see at http://www.tutormentorprogramlocator.net. You can refine your search to look for programs offering different types of tutoring/mentoring, serving different age groups, in different times of day, and by zip code.

    I’m trying to find investor/partners to add features to this that would work like the corporate advertising department of big companies to create “sales” and “events” that would increase the number of people who browse the map and provide support to different organizations. While it would be great if each of these non profits could produce t-shirts, cards, or other marketable goods and services their primary mission is helping kids. Thus I feel there is an opportunity for an intermediary to create products and services that motivate donors to give, and give often. If some of the local program learn to add products/service features by learning from each other that would only enhance their ability to become more consistently funded and better able to achieve their social mission.

    If any of you would like to help develop this and use it in your own communities let me know.

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