2 responses to “Social Enterprise Goes to Graduate School”

  1. […] Rolfe Larson offers a nice sampling of graduate school programs in the U.S. focused on social entrepreneurship or social innovation. Many of these programs are tied to a business school, which can really help when you bring your great social change idea to the marketplace.  And if you’re already mid-career seeking an advanced degree in social enterprise, there are many opportunities to do that as well. […]

  2. Hello, I just wanted to add that INSEAD also has an executive education programme in social entrepreneurship. It is a 5-day intensive course with content specific to social entrepreneurs including, how to scale your social venture, business model innovation, impact assessment, etc. We also have a programme called the Social Entrepreneurship Catalyst which is a structured set of activities and events for MBAs passionate about social entrepreneurship. For more info, please go to: http://www.insead.edu/se. Thank you. Christine Driscoll, Associate Director of the INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Initiative

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