One response to “Is the "Social" In Social Enterprise Redundant?”

  1. From “Mission, Inc.” (by Kevin Lynch and Julius Walls, Jr:
    “After all, a business cannot survive without meeting a social need, real or invented. One could craft an argument, no matter how hollow, that any enterprise is a social one: the NFL’s purpose is to provide an escape from everyday life; the fashion industry’s purpose is to create and celebrate beauty; the beer industry’s purpose is to help a guy take the edge off after a hard day. So, yes, if you really want to argue about it, every business has a social purpose. But we all know better than that. Some things really matter, and some things really don’t. Those things that matter are part of what we might call the common good, and everything else just isn’t. We would argue that the social purpose that is this target of any social enterprise must be squarely aligned with this concept of the common good.”

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