One response to “Running On Empty”

  1. One agrees with your observations about the difficulties and manner in which social enterprises are run. However, the underlying distinction made between social and business enterprise is thin. All business have to serve some social need to be able to last. One would be inclined to believe that there is a direct relationship between business of a business enterprise and social needs. So long as deliverables of business remain socially relevent, business survives and sustain. The entire gamut of eco-friendly products and technologies are a case in point. Eco-friendly products and technologies are socially relevent internationally; Hence they have a ready audience always. But a great many of these technologies have not matured to fully developed products. Therefore, they are not being mass produced and marketed. When they are ready for mass production, the enterprise managing that ought to have a certain social objectives without which mass marketing and resultant advantages of economies of scale cannot be had. In planning the business if social utility of the enterprise is ignored, all kinds of problems creep in including the problem of demand generation and cash flow. Modern technology is mostly oriented for mass production and distribution
    …hence when they are mixed up with niche marketing techniques involving skimming price policies etc, the technology as also the enterprise fails. Churning in leading economies of world is rooted in issues like this. If entrepreneurs of leading economies become more and forthcoming to cater to needs of Asia, Africa and Latin America, it is difficult to concieve of recession in developed economies but this presupposes empowering theses regions.

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