Who Could Refudiate a Good Headline?

  Press Releases, Tweets — even, or especially, email subject lines — demand strong, catchy headlines.  Imagine the volume of words that cross an editor’s or reporter’s eyes each hour! Guess which subjects they will be drawn to? Those that creatively thread the needle of journalism are the ones that will get sewn into the […]

Tis’ the Season for Your Holiday PR Pitch

  The first Winter Storm Watch has been issued for the Twin Cities area this weekend, with a possible 5-8 inches of heavy wet snow. Hardware stores are downright giddy. Weatherpersons on TV glow with qualified excitement (hoping the storm will track through these parts). Fans of winter are oiling snowmobiles, waxing skies and sharpening […]

Writing Op-Ed Pieces (Without Sounding Your Own Foghorn)

  Looking for additional ways to get exposure for what you do? Consider writing an opinion or editorial essay — commonly known as an Op-Ed piece. Most business sections of the daily and weekly papers have such a space and welcome contributors who know what they are talking about.  The trick is to provide insights […]

PR Tips —and One PR Rip — for Helping A Reporter Out

The last blog looked at why Public Relations should never be confused with “spin” and “hype.” Today’s edition serves up something more tasty and nutritious — one of the best resources  enjoyed and highly appreciated by publicists, marketing communications folks, reporters and others. I’m talking about Help a Reporter Out — fondly known as HARO […]

PR Tip #3: Feeding the Edit Cal

A quick show of hands: Who knows what an Editorial Calendar is? Thought so.  Nearly every magazine and many business newspapers produce an editorial calendar each year, targeting subjects that they will cover generally in any given week or month for the entire year— from regularly scheduled standing features and shorter stories to columns and […]

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