Interviewing (by Media)

14 PR Tips from Known Journalists

  On February 9, HARO —Help A Reporter Out (HARO), the free service that links journalists looking for viable sources to clients of PR companies — sponsored a four-person panel of national scribes to talk about the do’s and don’ts of the PR world in their world. The hour-plus conference (paid) call didn’t provide any […]

In Reaching out to the Media, Don’t Forget Your Backside

  Public Relations is often about telling your story to the media. But what about the people who work for you? Making news begins at home. It’s possible to send a strong new message to the press that covers your industry, or your company if you’re a big player. But is your message to the […]

Going Off the Record Can = Off You Go

  A cardinal rule in media interviews is never go off the record (and conversely, watch out for what you do say on it!). It can be dangerous for you and the reporter if you do. And you don’t have to look far in today’s news to see where setting such boundaries with journalists is […]

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