Crisis Management

Can You Simulate a PR Crisis and Then Handle the Real Thing?

  Almost a month through the first year of the new year and at least two major crisis’s have dominated the news of late, the Tucson shootings and the upheaval in Egypt. Sorry, weather fanatics, big snow and numbing cold don’t cut it, it’s January.  Of all the coverage on the tragedies and triumphs in […]

Listing Slightly: First Annual PR Turkeys of the Year

  Lists and more lists should be on every PR person’s list right now because end-of-year lists are cropping up in the media like crab grass (or whatever it is that grows) on a Chia Pet stocking stuffer. It’s List-o-mania, baby! Do you have a client who would quality for a Best Of list this […]

One Social Network PR Strategy That’s Right on Target

  Remember the scene in Network where the news anchor Howard Beale (played deliciously by Peter French) shouts his famous line, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!”? This past summer thousands of Target shoppers expressed that same sentiment online when they found out their favorite general store had donated […]

How to Turn a PR Disaster into a PR Victory

  You’ve heard of the NIMBY syndrome, Not in My Back Yard. It’s never pleasant when its symptoms are first detected and it’s usually around the building of new housing that might include public housing units, or a home for the mentally challenged, a halfway house or something similar. There are plenty of examples in […]

Phony Baloney: When Press Releases Go Awry (or on Rye)

  In our last installment, we left you with a closing item about General Mills having to quickly snuff out a fake news release saying that the President of the United States (POTUS — in Secret Service talk) was investigating the company’s supply chain for alleged product recalls. The makers of many mainstream cereals like […]

BP’s Alleged Crisis Communications Plan? Not Real Slick

Does your company have a crisis communications plan?  Regardless of size, every organization should have one for many reasons. First, you owe it to your constituents whether they are stakeholders, or users of the service you provide or the wiki you sell. Second, the public at large — and most definitely the news media — […]

Is the 10th Circle of Hell Reserved for Bad Flacks? Or, The Vatican’s Irreversible Public Relations Blunders

Does the Pope have an in-house public relations team, or is the Vatican getting expensive, or pro bono, outside counsel to handle the latest, growing scandal over the actions — and alleged cover up by pre-pope Ratzinger, then a Cardinal, and others  — of one particularly notorious pedophile priest who was accused of molesting more […]

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