14 PR Tips from Known Journalists

  On February 9, HARO —Help A Reporter Out (HARO), the free service that links journalists looking for viable sources to clients of PR companies — sponsored a four-person panel of national scribes to talk about the do’s and don’ts of the PR world in their world. The hour-plus conference (paid) call didn’t provide any […]

Can You Simulate a PR Crisis and Then Handle the Real Thing?

  Almost a month through the first year of the new year and at least two major crisis’s have dominated the news of late, the Tucson shootings and the upheaval in Egypt. Sorry, weather fanatics, big snow and numbing cold don’t cut it, it’s January.  Of all the coverage on the tragedies and triumphs in […]

Listing Slightly: First Annual PR Turkeys of the Year

  Lists and more lists should be on every PR person’s list right now because end-of-year lists are cropping up in the media like crab grass (or whatever it is that grows) on a Chia Pet stocking stuffer. It’s List-o-mania, baby! Do you have a client who would quality for a Best Of list this […]

Who Could Refudiate a Good Headline?

  Press Releases, Tweets — even, or especially, email subject lines — demand strong, catchy headlines.  Imagine the volume of words that cross an editor’s or reporter’s eyes each hour! Guess which subjects they will be drawn to? Those that creatively thread the needle of journalism are the ones that will get sewn into the […]

Tis’ the Season for Your Holiday PR Pitch

  The first Winter Storm Watch has been issued for the Twin Cities area this weekend, with a possible 5-8 inches of heavy wet snow. Hardware stores are downright giddy. Weatherpersons on TV glow with qualified excitement (hoping the storm will track through these parts). Fans of winter are oiling snowmobiles, waxing skies and sharpening […]

Ask Not What Your Country Can Do for You….

  It’s appropriate penning this blog on the Day After the Day of The Dead election date. The votes are in, the surprises are in. The Republicans are back — in most places! Seems like only yesterday they were here (shall we call them Zombies?!). Is this the change we can believe in? For many […]

Search Engine Optimization & PR: Google Me This I am not a Geek. Let’s get that out there right away. I’m a former pop culture writer and editor and now a PR guy, a flack, a publicist (mostly, 8-5 anyway) with some good ideas and communication skills. And like most people I know, I try […]

Good Timing in PR — It’s A Funny, Business-like Thing (and It’s in the Bible, Kinda)

  Timing is everything, like any old Catskill comic, successful business person and even Ecclesiastes — a book in the Bible — will tell you.  Cliched? Absolutely. And mostly true. As the good book says, “To every thing there is a season” —  including (if you extrapolate enough) a right time to launch a PR campaign: […]

One Social Network PR Strategy That’s Right on Target

  Remember the scene in Network where the news anchor Howard Beale (played deliciously by Peter French) shouts his famous line, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!”? This past summer thousands of Target shoppers expressed that same sentiment online when they found out their favorite general store had donated […]

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