Tis’ the Season for Your Holiday PR Pitch

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    The first Winter Storm Watch has been issued for the Twin Cities area this weekend, with a possible 5-8 inches of heavy wet snow. Hardware stores are downright giddy. Weatherpersons on TV glow with qualified excitement (hoping the storm will track through these parts). Fans of winter are oiling snowmobiles, waxing skies and sharpening skates (despite the lakes being liquid as Everclear). City dump trucks are being retrofitted with big blades and loaded with sand.

    Public Relations people — some who still have leaves to rake — are putting up their best seasonal pitches for the Holidays. Or they should be. If your company is doing something cool for the Yule, has a new product that’s geared toward the approaching winter — or even if you have a Turkey idea for Thanksgiving, or an idea that’s lovably “a turkey” — it’s time to make some noise about it.

    Lisa Chapman, the totally awesome Marketing blogger on this site, has written an insightful blog about this subject that I encourage you to read and heed (her yard must be free of fall’s free-fall debris). Events that benefit charities, anything with kids or giving, you know, that sentimental feeling that tugs at the heart this time of year — it’s all there on Lisa’s blog. Plus she tells you how to do it (so I don’t have to)!

    Check it out. Make your PR Holiday pitch list, check it twice. Media Santa’s, Festivus’ producers and assignment desk gnomes are waiting to hear from you.


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