What to Expect from this PR Blog

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    Public Relations means different things to different people. While this blog is titled Public Relations/Media Relations, media relations is really a subset under the wide umbrella of PR. But it’s often the most critical piece of the process. This blog will work at understanding big picture PR/Media Relations issues and the “small stuff.” It’s designed to be interactive, so bump over your questions or concerns my way and we’ll get a dialogue going that will hopefully help you either do your own PR, or understand what to look for in hiring it out.

    You can expect to find solid professional advice here based on my 15 years in the business — plus the occasional semi-censored personal opinions about issues related to media and publicity.

    You can also expect insights into the many aspects of PR, which generally include these combined practices area and the following techniques:

    • Defining and developing key messages for target audiences
    • Providing strategic counsel and strategic planning for a PR campaign
    • Developing accurate Media Lists for your story
    • Looking at Editorial Calendars for the year in the publications you want to be in.
    • Conducting Media Relations
    • Special Events
    • Speech writing
    • Identifying Speaking Opportunities
    • Public Affairs
    • Corporate Communications
    • Product Publicity
    • Leveraging Social Networks Online
    • Placement of authored articles
    • Investor Relations
    • Crisis Communications (or Crisis Management)
    • Internal communications
    • Media Training

    There may be a few other aspects of PR here (send me one if you think I have overlooked any that are essential. We won’t call it — or any of its tools or techniques — “spin.” As Nixon famously once said, “That would be wrong.” Tune into a future blog to find out why.