Developing a project management “culture”?

All organisations that have existed for at least some time will have developed a “culture”. In its most simplest, it is the values and habits that are promoted by the organisation is being important, or even crucial to the business. This could be and often is extended to the behaviours that individuals and even teams’ exhibit in discharging normal business – and this can and will include projects.

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If It’s Important, Less Is More

There will be milestones in our projects –or initiatives- that are important because they determine what the project team does next. Maybe it’s a ‘Scope Definition’; maybe it’s a ‘Design Review’. When these important decisions surface, sometimes project teams tend to swell – even though you, the Project Manager, have not asked for more resources. […]

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PROJECT AUDITS – A necessary evil or a tool for achieving success?

Since best practices are implemented to reduce process induced risks, I should audit practices to ensure the process will impact positively on my project results.

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