Project Startup

Project or Operation?

A few weeks ago we held a course on Project Management Fundamentals.  Every student introduced themselves; they were all seasoned professionals with 7 years of experience or more in their field.  Justine worked for a manufacturing company. Kumar was a software developer.  Ann deployed projects for a Cable TV provider. Carlos was a construction manager. […]

‘Agile’ or ‘Waterfall’ ?

A few days ago, before the start of a meeting, a couple of developers where discussing ‘Agile’ project management versus the more traditional ‘Waterfall’ project planning. A ‘Waterfall’ approach, you may recall, is the type of project that flows sequentially from stage to stage, much like a waterfall. It came from, and was heavily influenced […]

Program Or Project ?

When an organization has the function of deploying multiple initiatives, the question arises:  should these be managed as projects?  Or should program management enter the picture? If there is an obvious way in which the projects are related, we may opt for program management straightaway.  For example:  if our organization deploys a few projects per […]

Organisation and projects:

There are many elements in the environment of a project, and ‘organisation’ is one of the most important. Organisational decisions can encompass wide-ranging aspects, such as partnerships, key supplier and sub-contracting relationships and responsibilities within a project – and that’s the key word: “responsibilities”. Making responsibilities clear at the practical working level, perhaps phase by […]

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