Implementing Plans

‘Agile’ or ‘Waterfall’ ?

A few days ago, before the start of a meeting, a couple of developers where discussing ‘Agile’ project management versus the more traditional ‘Waterfall’ project planning. A ‘Waterfall’ approach, you may recall, is the type of project that flows sequentially from stage to stage, much like a waterfall. It came from, and was heavily influenced […]

How To Onboard Project Resources by Danielle Garza

Guest Post by Danielle Garza We’ve all been there before. When it has to happen it can be a frustrating process to go through, but it happens to all of us at some point: a highly visible or mission critical project in midstream needs to have one or more key project resources added or replaced. […]

PROJECT AUDITS – A necessary evil or a tool for achieving success?

Since best practices are implemented to reduce process induced risks, I should audit practices to ensure the process will impact positively on my project results.

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