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Project or Operation?

A few weeks ago we held a course on Project Management Fundamentals.  Every student introduced themselves; they were all seasoned professionals with 7 years of experience or more in their field.  Justine worked for a manufacturing company. Kumar was a software developer.  Ann deployed projects for a Cable TV provider. Carlos was a construction manager. […]

Cultures In The Project

In this ever shrinking business world, it is not uncommon to deploy a project with colleagues from different countries, with cultures different from our own.  We can even implement a project in our own country and easily have stakeholders, say, from India, China, Mexico, Canada.  Each one will bring different points of view, dependent on […]

Where Can a Project Manager Go From Here?

As inevitably happens at the beginning of a new year, with all the thoughts about resolutions, a few colleagues and acquaintances have been examining their jobs and careers. Some are considering entirely new fields, like the lady who is considering leaving her IT  job to open a hip Bakery because bread has always been her […]

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