Scrum versus Waterfall?

Many methods have emerged over the years that are hailed as the greatest and latest way to deliver a project. A good example would be the “scrum” method for delivering IT projects. The scrum concept is implemented in a number of ways, one of which could be to pick groups of requirements which are delivered in ‘packets’ as the project progresses through sequential ‘scrums’.

Scrum is therefore one of many approaches that might be adopted as a strategy for delivering a project, and in some respects it could be quite different to a waterfall type of a approach.

However, there is one thing that remains as a constant regardless of approach – all projects require the fundamentals of project management to be in place and to be practiced. In addition, any method that divorces the project team from the overall goals of a project is going to be a project that runs a severe risk of not delivering the full need.

It could easily be argued, that the fundamentals of project management (relative to distinct project types) should not change regardless of implementation or delivery strategy. That would be a useful dicusssion?


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