2 responses to “In-House Project Managers vs. External”

  1. Passion for project’s success but detachment from an independent progress status report is a must because cases of late appropriate corrective measures and later, expensive retrofitting caused by managers massaging progress data are just too many and costly.

  2. Internal PMs will understand the internal politics and company drivers but are more likely to assume too much in terms of the brief and the need to communicate effectively, thereby missing potential time/cost/quality improvement opportunities, and avoid making unpopular decisions until it is too late or not at all, so creating costly late alterations or retrospective works.
    External PMs future work enquiries are based on successful delivery of the brief. This imperative will generally provide a more professional service with greater importance attached to developing an unambiguous and fully agreed brief. It is more likely that high impact but senstive risks will be addressed and that communication throughout will be accurate and always addressing the key success factors. Thay will also be less surseptable to internal pressures.

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