Coaching Tip – Manage Self Limiting Beliefs

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    Self limiting beliefs are a group of thought processes and feelings that hold us back and cause us to maintain the status quo. They are normal – the key is to be aware of them so you can be at choice.

    Here are some terms related to Self Limiting Beliefs:

    • Negative self talk
    • Inner critic
    • Noise
    • Distraction
    • Comfort zone
    • Lack of confidence

    How to determine when Self Limiting Beliefs are present:

    • There is a lot of struggle – “this will be hard”
    • You are stuck
    • The same issue presents itself over and over
    • You use words such as “I can’t”, “I need to”, or “I have to” vs. “I can” ,“I will”, or I want to”
    • There is a fear of failure or “What will people think?”

    Here are some ways to deal with Self Limiting Beliefs:

    • Identify it – realize that a self limiting belief is present. Then choose to move past it
    • Antidote using a prior positive experience – such as “I ran a marathon – I can certainly do this”
    • Challenge yourself – “I am bigger than this barrier”; “I have it within me to move beyond this doubt”
    • Future pull – “My vision is really important to me – when I focus on it, I will find a way”
    • Different perspective – Look at the situation through the eyes of success. “Act as if” what you intend to do is already a reality.

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