2 responses to “Sleep Your Way to Success”

  1. I have found lately that reading a good book helps. I used to have insomnia, but identifying the stressors accurately and dealing with them made a huge difference.


  2. Pam,

    Good article and I am always keen to see people promoting the importance of sleep. The article is right about too many people sacrificing sleep. A recent survey by Third Pillar of Health found a wopping 37% of people sacrifice sleep time. Would people sacrifice sleep time if they knew it would increase their risk of obesity by up to 73% (US National Health & Examination Survey), increase their risk of diabetes by 2.5 times (Boston) and increase their risk of dying of heart disease by 2 times (UCL & Warwick)? Probably not! If your readers would like to know more about the science behind your suggestions for good quality sleep and other important and useful information on sleep then I would direct them to a brand new website (https://www.sleepknow.com). All the best.

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