Best of the Best – Book Wish List for Nonprofit Folk

This post is a Best of the Best. It has my favorite recommendations from lists of recommended books for “Nonprofit Folk” over the last three years. A thoughtful book can be the perfect holiday gift so ….. Enjoy – and at the end I’ll provide links to all of the prior lists.

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“Show Me the Money” – Where Nonprofits Should Be Looking

The survey completed by the Nonprofit Research Collaborative is quite extensive and has lots of insight from nonprofits about what is working in their fundraising efforts. This article shares some of the highlights from that report about what nonprofits see is working for them. And, as always, it comes with my commentary. So where to look if you are in a Jerry Maguire mood for someone to “Show Me the Money.” Let’s see what 813 charities who participated in this survey had to say.

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Tell Us What You Want

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