One response to “The Interim Between CEOs Is Important – Make the Most of It”

  1. Marion,
    I agree that the church model of an interim executive can be a good one for non-profits. I have also seen it abused and recommend that there be a time limitation for the interim, e.g. no more than two years.

    One advantage that an interim executive does have is that he or she can require that certain operational issues/practices be more documented than may have been the case with predecessor, especially if he or she had been there for a long time.

    Given the proliferation of information technology tools in all organizations, one item I have required from all staff is the “If You Get Hit by a Bus Memo” where they list all the user names and passwords for the organizational accounts they are using. Many small and mid-size non-profits do not have an operations manual, but this memo will at least be a beginning point for the continued operation of the non-profit. How is your organization’s information backed up, and who is the contact for the off-site backups?

    Disasters don’t have to be a hurricane Sandy level to disrupt operations, for example in one office building a small fire on one floor triggered the sprinklers on multiple floors, ruining hundreds of computers on the floors below, and in a completely different organization.

    I realize that these concerns are more operational than might be the first priority of the new permanent executive, but one of the roles of an interim is to make sure that the organization is running as smoothly as possible for the new executive.

    Bill Huddleston, The CFC Coach
    MPA in Non-profit Management

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