Gain More Twitter Followers While You Sleep

Do This Once and Twitter Does the Rest

Where do you decide whether or not to follow someone on Twitter? At their profile. Have you invested just a few minutes to make your profile work for you?

You have one shot at a first impression, so make it sizzle.

Create an Intriguing Twitter Profile

People are skimmers these days. The first thing we notice is an image. We notice the branding. So make your Twitter branding consistent with your offline branding, and other social media sites as well.

It’s important to create a consistent look and feel among all of your social media platforms. This can be achieved with the use of consistent images, logo design, colors and layout.

For an example of nice, clean and consistent branding, see the following screenshot comparisons from Facebook and Twitter for the app “Shopping Chaperone”:


Twitter branded image







Facebook branded header - Shopping Chaperone






Outsource the Design Work

You can create these branded images yourself, if you’ve got the time, tools (and talent!) But it’s easily outsourced by providing a concept, images and logo. If you haven’t developed your brand look yet, you can use outsourced labor for very little expense. Some of these creative professionals live in countries with a dramatic currency exchange rate that allows them to charge pennies on the dollar. For imagery, copyrighting, design and just about anything you can think of, try:

These sites are run professionally and seem to really care about user satisfaction. If you don’t have a logo, start there. Get one created by shopping on Fiverr or Odesk – or your favorite local graphic designer.

Build your Credibility

Present yourself as a Subject Matter Expert in a focused field (or two). Don’t try to be everything. Choose specialties that you really enjoy and then provide proof that you’re the best in that field. Use quotes or recommendations from others. And let your enthusiasm shine through. Talk about recent accomplishments and specific outcomes. Use KEYWORDS!

Be Social

Finally, in the end, it’s all about relationship. Make it inviting. Take a look at Nika Stewart’s Twitter Profile (AWESOME!):

Nika's Inviting Twitter Profile




Wouldn’t you want to contact Nika for help with your social media postings?

(And many thanks to Nika for the inspiration for this post.)

For more resources, see the Free Management Library topic: Marketing and Social Media.

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