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  1. Lisa,

    As someone who has come late to social media, I’m wondering where do I put my effort. I’m active on Linked in and am blogging.. My next task is start using Facebook for business or setting up and using Goggle+ for business. yes, it would be great to do both simultaneously but I know I’ll get overwhelmed. What do you suggest first Facebook or Goolge +?

  2. Marcia,
    As with every marketing decision, your answer depends upon where you’re most likely to cost-effectibvely connect with your target market.

    In addition to that, I found some interesting info in a post that puts a strong spin om marketers’ preferences – I quote the next section below from the full article posted at the link below:

    “Some conclusions:
    ■“Facebook marketing” and “Facebook for business” searches dominate as compared to YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus.
    ■Searches and news about “marketing” on platforms typically precedes the “for business” searches and news. In the case of Google Plus this seems to be the case, but the marketing searches seem to have petered out while the “for business” searches have been much more pronounced.
    ■Significant press coverage seems to lag large volumes of searches by quite a few months or years.
    ■Twitter got a lot of searches and press coverage for both areas when it was in the 10-20 million users stage (2009).
    ■Facebook had it’s big bump in “marketing” searches in late 2007 when it had about 50 million users and “for business” in early 2009 after it passed 100 million users.
    ■“YouTube marketing” searches started in 2007 as it dominated all of the other video sharing platforms. “YouTube for business” searches get big much later – in 2009.
    ■“LinkedIn Marketing” searches started growing significantly in 2009 as it approached 50 million users. “Linkedin for Business” searches didn’t get big until 2011 (but maybe because people know it’s “for business” already)”

    Source: http://www.rightmixmarketing.com/right-mix-blog/google-plus-business-marketing/

    I hope this helps.
    Does anyone else have preferences – and why?


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