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  1. I knew about PRChecker but not the other two tools. I found out that two people whose blogs I comment on each week have a no follow link. I do not have a no follow on them. How should I approach them about the no follow?



  2. Rob – Regarding Do Follow and No Follow – The decision to specify “Do Follow” or “No Follow” is made at the platform administrative level. If the blog you comment on is someone’s private platform (ie. part of their website), then they would generally determine that personally, or their site architect may have made the decision. In that case, you can inquire of them and ask them to change from No Follow to Do Follow. But, my guess is that they made the decision to specify No Follow in order to minimize automated “junk” comments, and are unlikely to change. I recommend finding Do Follow sites to comment on (if it’s important to you to build “link juice”. You can find Do Follow blogs here:

    An SEO expert offers this “List of 150 Dofollow Forums”: http://www.daniweb.com/forums/thread254155.html

    Try this dofollow search engine that has indexed over 170,000 pages of dofollow blogs, with Page Rank between 2 and 7. Sign up for a 2-day free trial: dofollowsearchengine.com Or find more dofollow search engines here: maskuncoro.net
    Here is an excellent article, “How to Determine if a Website Offers Dofollow or Nofollow Links”:

  3. Lisa:

    Thanks for the incredible advice.


  4. You’re welcome, Rob. If you find valuable info, We’d love to hear about it!
    Good luck with your link building.

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