Leading Yourself

Pathways for Leaders

The wrong path. Alex was explaining some startling figures to the head of a global division with $7 billion in sales. Craig was thirty eight but had already been in this job for several years. Alex’s team had built the figures from many global data bases and cross-checked them exhaustively. They showed that the division’s […]

Big Ideas Aren’t for Commoners…

Big Ideas aren’t for commoners, right? Facebook.  The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  Pennies for Peace.  Apple. All Big Ideas.  So, big, in fact, that they seem like the kinds of things other people do, not the things us common-folk do. Hmmmm… you know I’m not going to buy that one, right?   I proudly own […]

The Freedom to Be Foolish

What separates good leaders and masterful ones?  Between those who just meet their organization’s and team’s expectations, and those who invite transformation into their organizations and teams?  Between those whose services are viewed as a commodity and those who are known to be indispensable? The differentiator?  The spirit of the fool. Surrendering to Your Fool […]

You Don’t Want to Be Successful

The Big Lie There’s a big lie you’re telling yourself.  Not to worry, you’re not alone.  Many of us are telling ourselves the same lie.  The lie is that you want to be successful. But the vast majority of us don’t want to be successful.  Not really.  What we do want is to be fulfilled.  […]

Becoming a Peak Performing Leader Through Flow

Becoming a Peak Performing Leader Through Flow

Here’s a Riddle… Everyone has experienced me, but few people know how to find me.  I cannot co-exist with anxiety, fear, anger… or multi-tasking.  I don’t cost a dime, but if I could be bought, people would pay small fortunes to create me.  I can show up any time, any place, and during any activity.  […]

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