2 responses to “Connectivity”

  1. this is a great topic as our group was just discussing this term….but what do connections do for us beyond making those initial points of contact? Even with 1,000 people.

    The individual relationships that I have with my 4 teams members matter most and it is the depth of them which matter.

    Connectivity is important, yes, so thank you for this exploration.
    We often talk about this, but one fellow in the group, brought up a good point:
    Being connected may just be the tip of furthering anything, even with ourselves.
    He used the analogy of plugging into the internet, a lamp, checking in with ourselves on what we feel now begins the process. The work comes in the relationship.

    Do you suppose that the connectivity is the driving force/thread that maintains the relationship with our groups/teams?

    What’s beyond connection? (maybe that is in a furture post.lol)

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