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  2. Steve – Good points. The three things you talk about are all important aspects of getting a head start. We’ve managed to reduce the risk of failure for new leaders like the ones you describe by helping them:
    – get a head start before their start
    – manage all aspects of their communication
    – accelerate their development of a high performing team
    George Bradt – PrimeGenesis Executive Onboarding and Transition Acceleration

    1. George

      Can you say a bit more about getting a head start before they start? I can guess at what you mean and include, but would rather hear it from you.


  3. Steve,

    Yes, you hit on the very things that often sink new leaders–especially external ones. I would add one item to your list of important factors for a new leader’s onboarding and that is feedback.

    Too often, the organizations do not tell the new leaders how they are not adapting to the culture, how they are impacting the dynamics of the team or how their personal leadership styles are also being perceived.

    It is easier to correct early–but the feedback has to be real, data-driven and actionable.

    -Erika Lamont, Connect the Dots Consulting

    1. Hi Erika

      I couldn’t agree more about the important role of feedback. In my mind building in non-obtrusive, multi-rater feedback mechanisms for the first six months is very helpful. And if this feedback is designed to address and important areas identified in an assessment or the individual and the relevant teams…all the better.


  4. Steve,

    I invite you to join the discussions in Onboarding Best Practices on LinkedIn http://tinyurl.com/6tq5zs

    Sue, Development by Design Leadership Coaching

    1. Thanks Sue!

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