2 responses to “Leadership Transitions”

  1. While I’m sure you can bucket causes of failure into poor culture fit, unclear role expectations, and inability to get results, you may find it useful to go a little deeper. As you probably know since you referenced one of the statistics from our book, “The New Leader’s 100-Day Action Plan”, we suggest seven main causes of failure. Linking those to your three buckets:

    – Personal risks (strengths, motivation, fit)
    – Learning risks
    – Relationship risks

    – Role riskss

    – Organizational risks
    – Delivery risks
    – Adjustment risks (adjusting to changes going forward)

  2. George, as a leading expert in the onboarding field, I appreciate your thoughtful response, and look forward to you contributing more to this dialogue over the next month. And thank you for linking your research and experience on derailment to the broader categories I had outlined in my blog entry.
    I was hoping to get the dialogue going, and you have added much richness in your response.

    I can think of many leaders that have failed because of some combination of the 7 areas of derailment you listed.

    I am curious to hear from others about examples of derailment that you have seen. Please respond with your own stories of derailment.

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