4 responses to “Practice of Appreciative Leadership”

  1. Great post Amanda. It’s a great reminder, that while we can not reach 100% perfection – we can choose to live these values one day, one circumstance at a time simply by being more aware. Ultimately, awareness of the strengths of those around us will shift our paradox in which we live, unleashing new possibilities!

    1. I’m with you, Kami – it’s a day-at-a-time journey that OVER TIME can shift who and how we are.


  2. Not only does the book you are talking about bring to light the Illumination, you have touched a valuable point on conscious decision making which some of us fail or are simply ‘self-deceived’ into not considering..

    Thanks for sharing Amanda and hoping to hear from you more on the concepts underlying Appreciative Leadership.

  3. Lisa,

    For me, conscious decision making may be the slipperiest slope of all. So many of our choices are made on “automatic pilot,” and it takes TIME to bring them up to the surface. What continues to amaze (and sometimes overwhelm) me is how the smallest decisions can play out over time.

    May your journey be filled with many important surprises.

    And if you’re curious about a few more practices, we posted some “free downloads” on our web site when the book first came out. They are excerpts from the book, a single practice from each Core Strategy. Try them out – and please let us know how it goes for you!

    Amanda T-B

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