7 responses to “Developing Leadership Capacity? Ask for Their Best!”

  1. The Fabris family is a smart, clever bunch — that’s my impression from those old days in Elmhurst. Good thing a girl was appointed CEO early on in life.


  2. Thanks, Ed! Yes. Our organization was ahead of its time re gender diversity. :)

  3. What a brilliant analogy — the family as the organization/business!

    Your analogy must be used in other leadership development scenarios! Far more people are in families than in organizations that have leadership development programs. Therefore, your analogy could be powerful means to make the concept of leadership development much easier to relate to, and for far more people.

  4. Carter, I agree. We may be onto something powerful and fun here!

  5. Here is given the best example of teamwork from Sun Tzu’s Tao of Leadership; The best leaders cannot be identified for it is the group that learns to lead itself. Families- like organizations- will become successful when the group works as a whole in partner with each other. It is in retrospect after measuring and looking back on your successes that one is capable of identifying and naming each members’ roles.

  6. Perfect, Ian. Thanks for sharing from the Tao of Leadership!

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