5 responses to ““To Lead” vs. “To Manage””

  1. This is one of the simplest and clearest distinctions between management and leadership I have experienced. Thank you!

    And I’m happy to keeping reading to discover more answers to my questions. One of my leadership practices is to take note of the what others have tried in my areas of concern/passion. Helps me better understand what experiments I might try.

  2. Nice post Julia. Your ideas seem consistent in many ways with what Betsy was saying about the integration of management and leadership. One clarification, I think you might have misread the last sentence in the 4th paragraph of my last entry. I actually said, or meant to say, that helping employees feel connected appreciated, cared for and linked to the larger vision of the organization is, or at least should be central to the role of a manager. In looking at the sentence, I can see why you might have thought I was saying otherwise.

  3. Leadership is the ability to make others perform an action. Leaders are powerful people. Therefore managers are leaders, but an effective leader make a successful organization. The question is what are the trait of good leader or manager. An effective manager must be aware of his shadows, balance from common good and invested emotionally in his followers.

  4. Helo ! Your post is very informative . Management is really a no child’s play ! It requires smart work rather than hard work . If you want to lead then you gotto be smart,determined and focused.
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  5. Thanks for joining the conversation, Tasneem and Olu. And thanks for the idea, Meredith, about making learning from others’ experiments with leadership a conscious, daily practice.

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