4 responses to “Who Will Choose To Lead?”

  1. If it’s up to the individual–and of course, you’re right–it takes so much inner stability plus conviction to stand up to “the way it’s always been done.” It has been my quest to explore how to sustain that mix of flint-like resolve and creative fire. Here is where we must reach out to one another–for both the steadiness and the sparks.

    Thanks for speaking up about this topic, Julia.

  2. Thanks for picking up on the metaphor of fire and rocks, Sue, to make an important point about leadership – that it is never a solitary act. Important acts of leadership are those with which we support each other to stay and do the work, even when things get hot.

  3. “Countless, individual acts of leadership” – that’s a scary phrase for many as we want someone else to tell us what to do. What are some of the acts of leadership that have been tried, what else might there be to try? The first act of leadership is simply brainstorming with others responses to the question: “What can we do that will shift this situation?”

  4. Meredith, I began to reply to your comment in today’s post. But it won’t be satisfying, I’ll bet. Just coaching questions! (What a surprise.) I’ll get into specific suggestions about what to try in future posts. J.

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