Myths about Background Screening

In the newest edition of the EmployeeScreenIQ Verifier, Kevin Bachman discusses a few background screening “urban legends.

  • ” Below is a list what is discussed: “I hear everyone uses credit reports to make hiring decisions. I should too.”
  • “These new database products I hear about are great!”
  • “My applicant’s data is secure. Right?”
  • “I don’t bother with employment verifications. Everyone says companies don’t provide anything!”
  • “I called his references. He sounds great!”

These myths are assumptions made many in HR departments. I have previously written about some of the things that I wish I knew about background screening prior to being employed by a leader in the industry. With background screening being such a vital part of employment screening, it is important that HR Pros and Recruiters understand the truth around them. Check out both my previous post and the Bachman’s legends to see how much you know. If you need more information visit

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