4 responses to “Why we hate the performance review.”

  1. Sheri,
    You’ve identified a number of “gotchas” to avoid in having a better review experience. Your use of the term critique, however, made me wonder if most people have two other drivers that are effecting their performance review experience:
    1. How much of a balance between recognition and critique they can tolerate. I would bet most people feel reviews are too heavily weighted with critique. But I’ve also worked with a number of people who actually need a mix of 3 recognition comments for every critique to be comfortable. Probably everyone’s mix is different.
    2. The other driver I see is how realistic the conversation is in people’s head about what they do that works and doesn’t. If you can’t be realistic with yourself, then you won’t be able to tolerate someone else reviewing your work realistically, no matter how well they frame it.

    Rodney Brim
    CEO Performance Solutions Technology
    blog: http://www.performancesolutionstech.com

    1. Rodney,

      You are absolutely correct. It can be difficult to hear feedback on yourself. It is so critical that the receiver is able to fairly assess themselves in order to hear what the reviewer is saying. I think many times, the reviewee focuses more on defending themselves then listening.

  2. Sheri,
    I used your blog to tee up the whole issue of whether or not performance reviews fit for most people. When you get a moment, leave me a comment, would enjoy your perspective.

    Rodney Brim,
    Blog: http://www.performancesolutionstech.com

  3. I’ve worked here for 8 yrs with NO, NADA, as in never, performance review. However, when trying to be proactive to a grave mishandling of benefits by our health insurance provider I was written up for being “insensitive” to our vendor. After two attempts to get our employees their medical cards in a timely fashion I finally wrote a scathing inquiry. Cards due on June 1st, and requested by me May 22nd, finally arrived the end of July, BUT I’M THE ONE WRITTEN UP, and have no recourse!

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