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  1. Sheri…

    Hello from the Strategic Planning wing of the Free Management Library… and from another die-hard Cleveland fan!*

    Here is another bit of learning we can all draw from the sad Lebron situation… Don’t negotiate against yourself! When Lebron set up his infamous interview with the ESPN folks, he effectively imposed a deadline on himself. Experienced negotiators know that what you want to do is impose deadlines on your opposing party, but you want to maintain as much flexibility as possible for pursuing your own interests. In Lebron’s case, this poor strategy may cost him millions…

    Had Lebron simply told the Cavaliers of his intentions, the Cleveland team could have made the best of situation and arranged a “sign and trade” deal with Miami. Because of the way NBA rules are set up, Lebron would be allowed an extra year on his new contract, as well as higher salary. Brian Windhorst of the Cleveland Plain Dealer says that a sign and trade deal could mean as much as an additional $30 to $40 million in future dollars for Lebron.

    So had Lebron shown the Cavs simple courtesy and respect, avoided the shameful public spectacle of “the Decision” and eschewed a self-imposed deadline, he may have ended up with a win-win situation. At this writing, the Cavs are in the negotiating driver’s seat, and may or may not agree to a sign and trade, as best behooves the team’s own best interests.

    *see us over here… http://managementhelp.org/blogs/strategic-planning/


    1. Mark,
      Thanks for the comments and the insight! A great lesson for sure!

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