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  1. want to know about HRM this site is very helpful

  2. want t.o know about HRM what site is usefull

  3. Is being an HR is really that “useful?” cause I’m going to take HRM (Human Resource) too, I wonder what kind of job can I take. I wish there’s a list or two?

  4. Is hr having any scope or not?
    I have done M.B.A in hr,but still jobless b’coz there is no scope in the city where i stay?

  5. i want to build my carrer in HR. I havent done any HR course . suggest me in executive MBA which collage is best in reasonable price .

  6. Hi,
    Well im starting college this fall and im not really sure about what i want to become but after reading a few articles about human resources i feel that i can become an HR if i really tired as a major or career to help out not just myself but others in need.. so i was wondering if its a good field to head towards?

  7. @Lor Yang – Well, HRDM or HRM (i.e. Human Resource Development Management) is a good career IF you like Public Speaking and if you are confident in it. You can either become an HR in a company or a manager, supervisor etc. Actually there are a lot of jobs that can be accessed by HRM, we freshmen just don’t realize it, well to summarize, its much much related to BS Business Administration.

    Hope it helps!

  8. Hello
    I am pursuing M.B.A and I am doing my project work on “Employee Recruitment, Recognition and Retention”.
    Can anyone provide me some help on this topic..


  9. I have been currently assigned to a position as an HR, which is an entirely new area. Where to i start frm?

  10. @Shaina – why not try yo Google it?

    @Ophelia – Good then, well I’m not so sure but of course better to get to know each and every employee under your command? Its better to work where you are liked by your subordinates though

  11. HRM is nothing more than how to empower and enable human beings to meet the requirements to reach an organization’s vision, mission, goal and objectives. In fact, learning any concept at any field is not difficult but how to apply them is even more crucial and difficul.

  12. i want to study hrm to it’s fullest. so i need many tips of how one can qualify to a phd level.

  13. i want to study HRM to it’s fullest. so i need many tips of how one can qualify to a last level. anyone interested can help me with alot of study materials. in many organisations there are no promotions and transfers but HR offiers are there why?

  14. I’ m very glade to join your texts about human resource management.
    Now, if possible please could you send to me some details information about these?
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    May God bless you all.

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