Federal Grants — Write and Review !!

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    My previous posting discussed the planning and organizing processes. This time, we will address steps three and four – writing, reviewing and rewriting.

    Write the first draft quickly
    • Work from your notes and worksheet.
    • Write heading and subheadings first and use them as a guide.
    • Begin with the easiest parts of your sections. No proposal is ever written linearly, from first page to last!
    • Write quickly, without concern for formatting, grammar, syntax and spelling.

    Use your outline
    • Focus on the funder’s hot buttons that you have identified.
    • Focus on your organization’s solution.
    • Validate, validate, validate! Do not make claims you cannot prove.

    Use paragraphs effectively
    • Limit your paragraphs to one main idea.
    • Begin each paragraph with a thesis statement.
    • Put the most important point first.
    • Use plenty of bulleted and numbered lists.
    • Put details at the middle and end of your paragraphs.
    • Make sure that your paragraphs flow logically.
    • Use transition sentences as your glue.

    Following these steps, you should be able to produce a serviceable first draft of your grant proposal.


    Dr. Jayme Sokolow, founder and president of The Development Source, Inc.,
    helps nonprofit organizations develop successful proposals to government agencies. Contact Jayme Sokolow.


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