One response to “Neither Rain, Nor Sleet, Nor Gloom of Night…”

  1. Lynn,
    With all of the abuse heaped without mercy upon the USPS, it is good to know of your rewarding experience. I share your enthusiasm for the USPS and its Priority Mail, mail-from-home process, via their well-designed website. Finally, it was something I “discovered” several months ago.

    I use their flat-rate envelopes and boxes. For those of you not able to fit proposals (or anything else) with more size than the envelopes can hold, the medium flat rate boxes are great. To fill in the weight requirement on the shipping form, I use a simple, inexpensive, scale (bought for weighing pasta), so there is no problem citing any weight number as asked for in the postal pickup process. They just want to know “if they should need to bring a truck.”

    When the envelope or box cannot fit into your regular mail box for routine pickup, the USPS process as well allows for simple instructions to be given for the mail person to pickup in some other location on the premises where you specify, and on which day.

    Let’s hear it for the USPS when it is justly deserved.

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