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    Recently, someone asked a question about Celebrity Auctions, and what immediately came to mind was how much money could I get for auctioning off a celebrity?

    If it is the right celebrity, probably a lot !!

    But seriously folks….

    Celebrities are a great way to bring out the crowd. Having a celebrity at your event pumps up the audience and the bottom line.

    Celebrities come with and from a variety of interests. Depending on your organization, a sports figure might be a better ask than a Hollywood movie star or a television actor. And don’t leave out the producers and the writers. They, too, are “celebrities” who can draw a crowd.

    Your favorite politician, television news anchor and the CEO of a local or major corporation all go on the “celebrity” list. Each brings something special to the table.

    Any of them might become your emcee or auctioneer for the evening. And being able to feature an item belonging to or brought by the celebrity to be auctioned is also a draw. Sometimes, celebrities can obtain (signed) items from their favorite artist or their favorite novelist. They could bring a favorite children’s book, and if they have a favorite designer, you might be able to land a one-of-a-kind garment.

    Frequently you can auction lunch with the celebrity and/or a tour of his/her movie or television show and meet the rest of the cast. We have done this and the winner has ended up having lunch with the celebrity and the show’s cast and crew. Some celebrities have also provided signed scripts for auction.

    Another area to look into is art, whether it is a signed limited edition poster or an original oil painting by a prominent artist in your community (or a famous person who is not known as an artist), art does well at auctions.

    You might consider a book nook for autographed volumes; an art corner; a wine bar stocked from a local vineyard; a jewelry display, etc. You can go broad or narrow depending on how good your contacts are in the different areas of interest.

    Think creatively. Hold nothing back and you may find the right combination of celebrity and event.

    The bottom line, however, to ensuring a successful event, is to have an audience that will spend the money. And, if/when the price starts to zoom up for an item, you need an audience that, in the spirit of the evening, will keep the bidding going.


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