Do You Know What Is Important to Your Customers?

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    We’ve all heard the saying “knowledge is power.” What we often forget to do is to stop and ask our customers and even ourselves if we are focusing on the right issues.

    WHAT is important to your customers? Is it speed of service or response? Is it quality of service or response? Is it ease of access or use of your site?

    Tools for listening to your customers

    • Online Surveys (Zoomerang, Survey Monkey)
    • Customer Call Outs (call x% of last month’s customers)
    • Post Engagement Surveys By Mail and Email
    • Post Transaction Questions

    We have learned that delivering quality solutions and products don’t take the place of delivering quality service. Take a good look at your transaction processes. Is it a pleasure to do business with your organization?

    Take some time to learn what is important to your customers. Talk to your regular customers to find out why they come back. Model your customer transactions after these successes. Replicate the good processes!