Outstanding Customer Service – A Call Out to Leadership

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    Think about it. How hard can it be to provide outstanding service to your customers? It isn’t hard at all…WHEN you make it a priority.

    The foundation of good service begins with the Leadership of the company. Company leadership is responsible for ensuring the company culture is customer focused. If “good-enough” products or service is the philosophy of the Leadership, the entire company will adopt a ‘good enough’ attitude that customers will see.

    Here is a current example of a company trying to live behind a solid brand name while forsaking quality: http://blogs.bnet.com/salesmachine/?p=10862&tag=col1;post-10862&tag=nl.e808

    Quality of service and quality of products makes for proud employees. Proud employees are enthusiastic. Proud and Enthusiastic employees lead to truly exceptional customer service. Give your employees a reason to be proud. Give your employees a reason to provide personalized and attentive service.

    It really isn’t that hard; but it is up to you, the Leadership.