A Positive Reputation is No Accident

It takes work to share with people how great you really are! Protecting and growing your reputation should be a daily activity for any organization. It’s no accident that you hear about certain brands over and over again. The smart ones are out there proactively working to make sure you know exactly how awesome they are. […]

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Time to Stop Blaming the Intern

[Editor’s note: The following guest post was originally featured in Tony Jaques’ Issue}Outcomes newsletter.] Reputation crises can’t be foisted off on junior employees It’s no secret that social media crises can shred reputation. So why do organisations keep giving interns and junior staff the keys to drive online activity? A recent example was when the […]

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How Are You Viewed On the Internet?

Online reputation is key to success More and more, how you’re viewed online is impacting whether your business succeeds. If you’re not clear on how items like social media shares and customer reviews impact your organization, this infographic from SEOBrand will help shed some light: ——————————- For more resources, see the Free Management Library topic: […]

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