5 responses to “Anthem’s Apology Hits all Three C’s of Credibility”

  1. Jonathan- While I agree that Anthem did a good job in communicating with current members, I can tell you from personal experience that they have not yet reached out to former members with this same important information. I was an Anthem member from 2005-2014, and I would guess that my data was part of the breach. But I have yet to hear anything from the company as to how they are handling this for former members. Disappointing.

    1. Interesting Deb, and I’m sure it adds an extra sting seeing communications going out to other affected parties. Looks as if Anthem had an oversight when they were considering which audiences they needed to address.

  2. […] the topic of apologies, the Bernstein’s rightly congratulate Anthem on their excellent apology following the hacking of 80 million members’ data. The Bernstein’s analysis is spot on […]

  3. I am a former Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield customer (last with them in 2014) and I just received their letter informing former customers of the data breach and offering free identity protection and credit monitoring.

    1. Do you feel as if they’re doing all they can Phil? Seems that’s the most important thing in terms of reputation recovery after hacks today.

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