2 responses to “The Outrage Trap – How You Get Turned into a Dupe by Political and Activist Groups”

  1. Snopes is great, but should an organization depend on the rational behavior of the recipient of misinformation? Good luck with that!

    ‘…get the facts out quickly.’ Are we ready to do this? Providing information that truly rebuts many rumors will require a greater degree of transparency than our organizations may be used to.

    As an example, Target probably needs to release a full report of all their corporate giving to rebut the myth quoted above. Are they ready to do that? Are they ready for the new questions the report will bring when scrutinized in the newly negative environment?

    An instant-information world requires greater transparency. Communicators need to fight this battle BEFORE it is needed. As in…. now.

    Are we ready with the facts AND a brief enough explanation of our process/philosophy that illuminates the facts? How many words will we get to explain ourselves? How many words fit into a text message. Brutal math but probably accurate – you get 140 characters to justify your existence. Crisis haiku.

  2. Well put, Marc. The only thing I’d add is that wise communicators ensure that the 140 characters include the link to a URL where one can expand further on the message, making the Tweet more of a “teaser” than a complete message.

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