4 responses to “Crisis Management from the Marine Corps”

  1. Wow! Now, that’s an apology! Nicely done USMC – and great post Jonathan! Although it shocks and scares me a little that the United States Marine Corps don’t know the symbology behind something as grave (and war related) as the SS, the commandant’s approach and action to this is impressive and admirable.

    You’re right on with the secret being to act “decent and human” and especially to, not just apologize, but to state how you’re correcting the issue and, most importantly, how you’ll make sure to learn from the mistake. So simple, yet so effective!

    Great example Jonathan!

    Melissa from MelissaAgnes.com

  2. Thanks, Melissa, although Erik gets primary author credit on this one!

  3. Well then nicely done Erik! 😉

  4. Hmm.

    For me this statement was a tad too revealing about marine inadequacies. There’s Melissa’s point about the incredible lack of recognition for what an SS implies. There’s also the fact that it took something to circulate on the web before the Commandant learned of what had happened. If it had not circulated on the web would he have been told at all? Would the marines now be undertaking their extra classes in National Socialism? General Amos clearly thought that what local command had initiated was inadequate, another revealling aspect of the statement.

    Also does he really need to say the US marines do not condone the use of Nazi regalia? Surely no-one was suggesting the U.S. marines as a whole like to sing the Horst Wessel song each morning.

    for me this statement is an example of where less would be more.

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