Communicating in Crisis

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    Can you survive a crisis?

    Every single business has potential problems, and the difference between whether they sink or swim in the aftermath of a crisis can often be determined in the critical 24 hour period right after it breaks.

    On March 1, Jonathan Bernstein will present, “Communicating in Crisis: The First 24 Hours,” a Communitelligence webinar. Focused on this period that is full of both danger and opportunity, Jonathan will lend his decades of crisis management experience to speaking about the biggest mistakes in crisis communications, how to speak to stakeholders, the importance of holding statements, how to pick the right spokesperson, and more.

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    [Jonathan Bernstein is president of Bernstein Crisis Management, Inc. , an international crisis management consultancy, and author of Manager’s Guide to Crisis Management and Keeping the Wolves at Bay – Media Training. Erik Bernstein is Social Media Manager for the firm, and also editor of its newsletter, Crisis Manager]