One response to “Communicating with the Media”

  1. Jonathan,

    No truer words could be spoken. They can be both especially if they don’t know you.

    I was a public affairs officer in the Air Force for a number of years. In addition to being a command spokesperson, I even trained other Air Force officers in the “care and feeding of the international media” in Panama. The media when they understand you will listen when you tell them there are good reasons why you can’t tell them something, but it’s important to always give them a reason for being there.

    Having that relationship beforehand really helps. In my Panama training, I set up my trainees with a situation they would have had to plan for since they really didn’t have time to develop a relationship with the media. My “media” were actually role-played by some guys from special ops and I had some question my trainees in Spanish or Portuguese. My training guys learned crisis management also involves some preparation (at least in realizing a media situation is not handled solely in the moment.


    BTW, I am also the Training and Development Blog host for the Free Management Library.

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