One response to “Why Should Practitioners Know Their Paradigms, Theories and Models?”

  1. I agree that it is important for professional development to know the technical coaching stuff. It’s only from knowing those things that we can expand and develop and better help our clients.

    This is what bothers me slightly about people calling themselves coaches when they haven’t been trained. Coaching is a highly psychological process. Because people may have had experience with untrained coaches, they don’t know what real coaching is.

    I’m not knocking people who don’t have a certificate – I think you can still be a good coach without having a piece of paper. But one thing that training does is expend our knowledge of all the things that might help and leads us to a deeper understanding. I think we should all be committed to constant learning and development so that we can better serve our clients.

    Beth Burgess
    Sort My Life Solutions (Smyls)

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